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About the Persona

People have asked me how I came up with the persona of Professor Mordarm. Well to put it simply, it happened while posting on various geek and RPG forums. I originally used name of “Mordarm” as avatar/screen name but one day someone posted a comment after I made one of my long-winded tech-filled posts:

Damn, you ramble worse than my professors, “Professor” Mordarm. 😛

Well after that comment, it kinda stuck with me and so I adopted it as my permanent Internet persona. Being the geeky role-player I am, I took the time to create a “background” for my amusement. After that, the rest is history…

So here is it is for your enjoyment, the mad history of Professor Mordarm:

Well, my parents were bibliophiles. You know, kind of like those characters on the R.O.D. anime, only without the cool paper powers. So being what they were, they rather “encouraged” me to read. In fact my first pillow was a fluffy “Encyclopedia for Babies.”

And I did. A lot. Everyday. I even read in my sleep. But that all changed though when I got a hold of a book called “So You Want to Rule the World: For Dummies.” Well after that I took my reading skills and began my studies to reach this lofty goal. Now after many years I am so close to my goal. Here is a time line of what I have done:

  • -Age 5: New Life Goal – Take over the world.
  • -Age 12: Created new Life.
  • -Age 12 and 25 minutes: Killed new Life for to trying to digest me.
  • -Age 14: Created my first Doomsday Device (sadly did not work).
  • -Age 20: Established first lab for world domination.
  • -Age 21: First lab destroyed by rampaging experiment.
  • -Age 23: New lab established for world domination.
  • -Age 24: Lab destroyed by government agents “…for the good of humanity.” (“Idiots.”)
  • -Age 26: Frustrated by having 3 more labs being destroyed, tried to go straight.
  • -Age 26 and 30 seconds: Got really bored in being sane, returned to working on lab #4.
  • -Age 27: Disappeared into the world. (Rumors state that Mordarm was seen in strange places.) (“Actually I got lost.”)
  • -Age 31: Established a new secret lab in <censored> for new worldwide domination.
  • -Present: Currently continues work quietly on plans of world domination…barring the occasional escaped experiment.

Well I hope this brought you some enlightenment on who I am. Feel free to look me up but be warned: I am not responsible for any loss of limb, life or sanity that may result in meeting me.

Until then.

-Professor Mordarm

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