Professor Mordarm's Mad Ramblings

My mad thoughts on tech, news, and geek phenomenon.


Professor Mordarm’s Mad Ramblings is my mad attempt to share my thoughts on my views of the Internet, news, entertainment, tech and geek phenomenon. I will also randomly focus on anything that catches my interest as well, but mostly the previously mentioned things will be the subjects in question. So expect posting in many things: from science, comics, movies, latest tech trends and even the outright odd.

I hope to bring you some small form of amusement and some enlightenment with my ramblings. And hopefully, I will not make a mess of things along the way. I do welcome your comments and thoughts on what I write, so feel free to ramble away at me!

Now as I do ramble from subject to subject, I will try to structure my thoughts down in an organized group format for ease of use:

  • Geek Gear: Where I babble about tech gear, tools, electronic devices for the geek in you.
  • Mad Science: My ramblings of  the latest and greatest in the scientific world.
  • InterGeek: From memes to media. From websites and blogs. From YouTube and Twitter. Expect anything.
  • Entertainment Geek-style: Movies, games, comics, anime, music (and so on) for the mad geek.
  • The Oddness of…: Things I  find curiously strange, yet strangely curious.
  • Mad Geek of the Moment: Where I put the (laser) spotlight on a person (or persons) of note and interest.
  • Mad Ramble of the Moment: This is where I where I ramble about…rambling (or whatever has caught my mind).

This should cover it but if you have any other categories you like to suggest, just drop me a comment or email.


Professor Mordarm

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