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Cables, Grues, Caffeine And Karma

Posted by Professor Mordarm on April 14, 2010

Last week while following up on my tweets I saw that @DarthMolen, one of the Triforce of the podcast, mentioned in passing that he was having issues is setting up a live cast feed for TPG. So I shot him a message offering my help as an audio tech-head to help solve his problems. After a few minutes of Skype chat, it turned out that Steven (Darth) knew what the issue was but he did not have the two items (a cable and adapter) on hand to solve it.

Seeing that it was such simple solution, I offered to do the legwork for him and get the items for him within a reasonable time-frame. I figured if I did not have spares on had (cables and stuff seem to breed in my tech-cave like mad techno-bunnies), I could easily get the items from my audio contacts at cost. It sounded like a good plan and with Steven’s agreement I set off. I figured it would be a simple gear run, so what could go wrong?

Well apparently the Geek Gods were not amused by my flippant attitude, so they decided to toss the metaphysical monkey-wrench into my plan.

First, I checked my tech stash. After looking for about an hour or two I marked that as a no-go. Next, I called a fellow audio engineer to see if he had any that he could spare, but sadly no luck there. It was the same result with the next two calls to my other contacts, no dice. My next stop was a local audio store to see if they had the gear in question, they did but at 3 times the budget I had set. Shrugging off my bad luck, I tried another audio store. There I asked the clerk (more like a kid) if he had the gear in stock. After a long pause and blank stare (and I mean a 30+ sec pause) he said that he needed to check in the back and I never saw him again.

Later I figured a Grue must have eaten him or something…

Anyway, I made my third stop at a place I’m sure it would have it: Sam Ash. They would have the items I’m questing for sure! Cheered somewhat, I went inside. I explained the items I was looking for and the budget I was working in to the people there. They were very helpful and looked for the items in question. They looked on the sales floor but none was found. They check the back, again no success. They contact another store but that place has none there but undaunted, they kept looking.

Eventually they did find them, at the price I was seeking. But it was on their online catalog and only on their online catalog. But there was an issue (of course). The shipping options I had would have either resulted in arriving too late for the live feed podcast date or be too expensive to ship it via next day services. A bit frustrated now, I thanked them for helpful efforts. I decided to call it quits for now, start fresh the next day and view my options.

Waking up the next morning I took off to my local mall to hit the Starbucks for my caffeine fix and figure out my next step. While in the mall I happened to pass by a Radio Shack. Now, I’m not sure it was a flash of inspiration or a rush of caffeine from my Dark Cherry Mocha but I figured why not check in there?

I entered the store while flashes of my childhood echoed though my memories; of me getting electronic parts for whatever random tech experiment I was working on at the time or to replace whatever electronic item I just disassembled in a fit of mad childishness glee. Shaking off the pleasant ghosts of the past, I focused on the present. I asked the sales clerk if they had two items I’m looking for and lo and behold, after a few minutes of looking, they did have them and at ½ the cost!

Doing the Xander Snoopy dance of joy (and shortly afterwards convincing the sales clerk not to call mall security) I slapped my debit card down and made my purchases. Invigorated now by emotion and a caffeine buzz I emailed Steven the good news. Soon after that I contacted my local UPS and got them to pick it up for delivery. My quest finally fulfilled at last, I went on with my day.

But the Gods deemed to play one more karmic joke…

When I got home later that day, I saw that I had left my cables strewn about during yesterday’s search so I need to clean up a bit or possibly, however unlikely, get tripped up by some cable version of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But while I was moving and repacking, I found a small box tucked into a dark corner of my closet where I keep my cables and such. Not remembering what was in that box, I brushed of the dust and I opened it…

And found an exact set of the two items I just sent out a few hours earlier.

*insert sounds of headdesk several times*

-Professor Mordarm


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