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Geeks, Foolery And Fools on April Fool’s Day

Posted by Professor Mordarm on April 1, 2010

Ah yes, that time of year where everyone’s funny-bone starts itching and the pranks, both good and bad, start flying. Now I’ve had my share of being the prank(er) and the pranked, but this year I’ll focus the best April Fool’s Day theme stuff out there for the geek inclined.

For the gamers, there are countless tricks being done out there:

But fooling geeks are not limited to games alone. Here are some entertaining sites for (foolish) gear:

Other sites also join in during this festive day of foolery:

For you history geeks, The Huffington Post has a brief article on how April Fool’s Day could have possibly started, along with funny prank videos for amusement. Also the Museum of Hoaxes gives the top 100 hoaxes from the past. But be warned, even the news media gets fooled from time to time.

Now after a while you might get sick of all this and just want to know what is real and whatnot. So here is a debunking guide (a courtesy tip from @geekgirldiva) to help you navigate the perils of this day. Cinema Blend does a wonderful job on giving you the real lowdown on the fake outs on the web.

So remember on this and every April Fool’s Day, be safe, enjoy the day, have a few laughs and most of all have fun.

-Professor Mordarm


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