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The 48 Hour Media Blackout Project – The Results (Part 2)

Posted by Professor Mordarm on March 22, 2010

Day 1 – Hour 17

I wonder if a troll is swimming under that bridge?

Drifting to and fro though the crowed pathways of the Riverwalk, I took several pictures with my digital camera. But to my mild annoyance, the crowds were too thick and worked against my favor and as a result I was only able to get a few salvageable shots.

Leaky Clams

All I need now is some hot dogs.

As it was getting colder, I weaved thought the crowds and back up to the streets looking for the local coffee shop to warm up. At this rate I was almost tempted to go home and call it a bust after I had gotten my cup of Joe. But Providence decided to interrupt that rebellious thought with an odd sight, which I might have missed if I was not distracted by tweeting or listening to my iTouch.

(Watch out boys…)

Cheered by my cool encounter but still getting no warmer I hurried to the site where warm caffeine bliss awaited me. It was my plan recharge and continue my media-less wanderings. But yet again I got side tracked by another unexpected discovery, an old-fashioned novelty magic shop.

Tucked into a side alley with other small shops, Magic World did not seem much but I did not really care. Because as a child, I was always fascinated by the magic illusions that magicians did and still do to this day. I dabbled into the subject in the past but I drifted off as the years past by. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, I wandered inside.

Entering, I saw the small store filled with people, both young and old, which were watching  a fellow giving a live demonstration of magic. Forgetting about my coffee at the moment,  I stood by and enjoyed the 5 minute show. After the show ended, with some applause from the crowd, I made my way to the counter and struck up a discussion the store magician. We traded shop talk at first, but then the conversation shifted when I mentioned my project. As a result I was able to get his response on the subject:

Meet Joe the Magician

Written Entry – Hour 17: Met a bride-to-be, found a magic shop, showed off my skills with cards and got an outside viewpoint. Not bad for a late start of the day. Now where the heck is that coffee place?!

Yes caffeine heaven!

Day 1 – Hour 18

After getting warmed up and caffeinated I wandered around some more. By this time it was getting much later in the day and the crowds were thinning. I took advantage of this to get better photos around downtown San Antonio.

Got to see horses at least once in Texas.

Texas Jackalope Confirmed?!

Written Entry – Hour 19: Wandered back near the Alamo. Found a few odd-looking stores out there. Including a place that sells jackalopes! That truly made my day. The sun is setting and I’m losing my light for photos, so time to go home and make some dinner. Oh by the way…I see a horse.

Day 1 – Hour 20

Riding back on the bus I reflect on what I saw and did during my first day of my media blackout. Normally I’d be at home, typing a tweet, reading my email, or doing other such media based activities to distraction. But now I can’t help think what I’ve missed in the past. If I was holed up in my tech-cave like I normally would have been, I’d never of seen a bachelorette party on the prowl, seen a live (sorta) jackalope, made a new friend, or even found an odd duck.

The last entry of the day, though short, would sum it up quite nicely:

Written Entry – Hour 23: Very tired, going to sleep. Busy day today. Had Fun.

Photos and videos by Professor Mordarm ©2010

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