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The 48 Hour Media Blackout Project – The Results (Part 1)

Posted by Professor Mordarm on March 22, 2010

Well as I stated before in my earlier blog post, the last 48 hours I purposefully disconnected myself from all types of media. I can honestly say that it was not the same as the one I did 10 years ago. I had my highs and lows as well as the unexpected during this project. It was during those 48 hours I discovered some new experiences while re-discovering somethings that I had forgotten.

So what did I find? How did I pass the time during these 48 hours? Did I come to some form of geek enlightenment? Did I go crazy without my normal access to media?

I’ll let you come up with your own conclusions as you let see, read and hear the various entries I made in my unique version of a multimedia journal. Oh the irony.

Day One – A few minutes after midnight:

Written Entry – Hour 3: As I mentioned, I did do some minor clean up and organizing, when a thought suddenly occurred to me. Normally I’d be up browsing the net on my laptop, checking my tweets on my iTouch or playing a game on my 360 Xbox. I was usually after several hours later into the morning I’d try to do my clean up duties afterwards. But as my access to media is now cut off, I had no real “excuse” to not do such tasks earlier than usual. Food for thought.

Day One – 15th Hour

(Why +12 hours later?!)

Needless to say this was not a very promising start for my project. I could continue to try to salvage what little I had left during the day or go to the nearest wall and pound myself into unconsciousness. But since I did not want to get another migraine, I decided to go with the former plan. I loaded up my ScotteVest with my digital camera, pocket video camcorder, writing gear, small lunch and I headed out.

What will I find out there?

Written Entry – Hour 15: After taking another dose of migraine medication (and packing a few extra doses), I’ve decided to hitch a ride on the local bus and go where the moment spurs me. I’ll see what the day holds in store for me. Hopefully not another migraine. That would not be of the good.

Off to adventure...kind of.

Day 1 – 16th Hour

(And here is where I ended up.)

Written Entry – Hour 16: After traveling the bus for little over 45 min,  got tired of sitting and hopped off at downtown San Antonio, right near the Riverwalk. Taking a quick moment to note this in my journal while sitting down on the steps. Lot of cold wind today but it has blown the clouds away and now the sun is bright and shining. Better get a move on though, I think a duck in the river is looking at me oddly…

Who you looking at?

Photos and videos by Professor Mordarm ©2010

Continues at The 48 Media Blackout Project – The Results (Part 2)


3 Responses to “The 48 Hour Media Blackout Project – The Results (Part 1)”

  1. Lisa said

    i think we might have the same camera, is it a kodak?

  2. Lisa said

    oh. next time i’ll wait longer than 30 seconds and have that question answered for myself. Yeah i think it’s the same one. yours might be a little newer. Mine’s about 6 years old.

    • I’m not quite sure how old is mine is, as I bought it from a fellow photography classmate of mine a few months ago. Also you can’t really tell in the video, but the camera is well used as well. But it is well cared for as it takes great pictures!

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