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The 48 Hour Media Blackout Project

Posted by Professor Mordarm on March 19, 2010

About 10 years ago a friend of mine said I was so addicted to electronic media that he bet I could not go any kind of media for 48 hours. So I took up on his bet and attempted go without media for 2 whole days.

And it was eye-opening, yet annoying experience. But I did do it, barely, and I won that bet. Though I admitted to my buddy that it was harder that I expected and I hoped to never do such a thing again.

Well you heard the cliché: “Insert foot, chew vigorously? ”

Well karma decided I needed another lesson in this once more.

How? Well one of my college instructors decided to give this very same scenario as an assignment; to go 48 hours without any media sometime this week. So now I’m faced with a similar situation, but I wonder how would I fare as my interaction with media has increased exponentially in the last 10 years. What would I do without my MP3 player? Or e-mail? What about my WiFi connections? Video games? Twitter?!

Just to give you an idea what I’m giving up for this project here is a picture of my current tech-cave:

What I'm giving up for this project.

Clearly I’m in for another challenge, only more so. So I decided to do this during this weekend starting at midnight to do:

The 48 Hour Media Blackout Project!

(Insert dramatic music here)

Here are the rules I must follow to the best of my ability to complete this assignment:

  1. Eliminate my access to the following media for 48 hours: Cable, Broadcast TV, Computer (off-line), Internet, Electronic Games, Magazines, Movies (Theater, DVDs), Newspapers, Books, Radio, Recording Industry Products (CD, MP3s), Cell Phones, and Social Media (Twitter, Facebook).
  2. I am exempt from the above if it is for a serious emergency. Such as a cell-phone for 911 and similar situations.
  3. I must record, in some fashion, my experiences during this time. Permitted items are a written journal, a photo journal, and/or video/voice journal.
  4. Find and do other non-media activities during this time.
  5. Have fun doing so!

I can honestly say that I’m a bit wary this coming weekend but at the same time strangely curious on what I might do during that time. I’m not quite sure what will happen…

Well, if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do, feel free to comment/tweet/email me your ideas and I’ll honestly try them out. But you must get them to me no later than 11:55pm US CT tonight! That will be the last check for me before I power down and disconnect everything media connected.

And when Monday rolls around, I plan to post my experiences. How, I’m not sure as of yet, as I’ve not decided on a journal format yet. It might be mix of several journal formats mentioned in rule #3.

I must be crazy to do this, again, but then I take some pleasure that I will not be the only one doing this.

-Professor Mordarm


2 Responses to “The 48 Hour Media Blackout Project”

  1. Wow! I had a little panic attack just reading about this project. I’m curious if you actually can avoid everything, not from lack of willpower, but more from accidentally being exposed to media. You’ll practically have to lock yourself in your house. Good luck!

    • Your not the only one having a panic attack as well. But its for Science!…no wait, that is not right….its for Assignments! Anyway, thanks for the well wishes. See you Monday! 😀

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