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Cool Clothing, Geeks with Power & Five Dollar Deals.

Posted by Professor Mordarm on March 18, 2010

Today’s ramble begins with one of my favorite geek gear products: ScotteVest.

If you have not heard of ScotteVest (or SeV for short) then you are missing out on one of the coolest clothing products out there for your tech gear. Now personally I have a tough time carrying all the gadgets and gear when I get out on my tech-cave now and then. Heavy laptop bags, belt pouches and tech backpacks made me look like, well, like an overloaded geek. Not to mention the pain it caused to my shoulders and back by carrying all that gear awkwardly.

Then I discovered SeV though my wanderings of Think Geek’s website. I saw that SeV has designed clothing that has an insane amount of pockets for your gear. And I mean like +22 pockets insane!

So enchanted on what I saw I ordered several of their products: The Travel Vest, Evolution Jacket and the Cotton Hoodie.

And I just love it. Being able to carry all my stuff on one item, my clothing, instead of all that baggage is a great stress reliever. Now just to give you an idea on what I used to carry in my laptop/tech bags and instead carry in SeV’s Evolution Jacket, here is the a list of my gear :

  • -ASUS ULV80V 14.1″ Laptop w/ cables
  • -Logitech wireless mouse
  • -3rd gen iPod iTouch w/ earbuds and USB cable
  • -Clearspot Mobile Wi-Fi hot-spot w/ dongle and AC adapter
  • -Kodak EasyShare DX6490 SLR camera and USB cable
  • -USB Imitation 4 GB Flash drive
  • -rewindable mini earbuds for laptop
  • -2 GB SD Card
  • -2 Moleskine reporter notepads
  • -Bus schedules
  • -Pen w/ LED flashlight
  • -Mechanical draft pencil
  • -Random book of the day
  • -Personal medications for emergencies
  • -12oz Redbull/Gatorade
  • -Wallet and keys

Now some would say that it would be way too heavy to carry in one piece of clothing but I would counter that argument with I would have to carry that gear in my baggage anyway. Now I do admit there was some getting used to the weight, but it was better than having a laptop bag digging into one shoulder and having tech bags bouncing off my hip annoyingly. It is a bit of trick to sit in a car or bus seat with a laptop but with practice it is easily resolved. But I did not experience any kind of back or shoulder pain from all the weight I was carrying, a testament to the design of the jacket. The gear imprinting or “bulky look” was very small in the pockets themselves, so it did not look like I was carrying all that gear.

In fact when I visited a friend later that weekend, he had no idea what I had in that jacket until pulled that laptop out. His eyes just popped out like I pulled some fancy magic trick. I found this so amusing I went ahead and pulled this “trick” a few more times to other people I knew or met during that weekend just to see their reaction.

Another thing I like to rave about is SeV’s customer service. This is one of the few tech companies that I know that actually take the time and effort to listen to their customers. When a question or a minor issue came up with the SeV products I owned, they were very prompt and honest with their responses, both by phone and email. In fact, I like to give out a shout-out to customer rep Sherri for taking the time and patience¬† in dealing with all my countless questions and ramblings. You’re the best!

Now next in my ramble list: The Power Geeks.

I discovered these cool cats through my tweeting exchanges with @GeekGirls aka Kristin. When I found out she was a part of a regular weekly podcast, I got curious. So I went ahead and downloaded a few of them on my iTouch. Soon I found myself loving the casual format and the humor integrated into the show. They cover a range of topics; from new geek gear products, to geek speak, the Interweb Goldmine (my favorite) and much more.

@DarthMolen aka Steve and @JPuent aka Jeremy are great together in presenting their views of all things geek. Kristin is an excellent foil and brings a great female counterpoint to the show. Also a big plus is everything talked about on the podcast is linked on their own blog. They even add extra stuff not covered in their podcast due to lack of time, space or lack of caffeine (I’m going with lack of caffeine here. :P).

So if you have the time, listen to these folks. They have a good ear on the tech, gear, and the trends out there for us ignorant geeks.

And lastly, I found this interesting site during my browsing moments:

This is the site where they have come up with the ingenuous idea to allow people to buy or sell services (or gigs) for…$5.00. Yes, 5 bucks.

So what kind of gigs can you get, you ask?

How about:

This just of the few gigs you can find here on this amusing and interesting site. While they seem to still be in beta, the activity is quite active on the site. Registration is free and buying and selling gigs is anonymous. Payments are in advance though PayPal and they do allow feedback on quality of the gigs done, giving a rating to the poster’s “Positive Feedback” score. Fiverr takes a fee off the top of the for usage of the website, so the seller gets about $4.00.

Now as how to resolve any disputes that come up on gigs, they do have a feedback form, but they have no direct email or contact phone number. And as I have yet to find anyone with issues with gigs rendered, I cannot comment on’s customer responses.

But besides that, they do look like they are off to a promising start. I am looking forward in seeing how they grow and what they will come up with next.

Hmm, I wonder if someone will buy a recorded ramble of mine for 5 bucks?



-Professor Mordarm


One Response to “Cool Clothing, Geeks with Power & Five Dollar Deals.”

  1. kristin said

    Thanks so much for the great write up about The Power Geeks show!!! We glad you enjoy it ;D

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