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Let the Rambings begin!

Posted by Professor Mordarm on March 17, 2010

After much chomping on the bit, I finally decided to start a blog.

But as I had no real idea on what to do, I jumped and tweeted to my fellow tweeters and tried to get their advice on how to start. After a bit and a few recommendations I decided to go with WordPress. Now what to talk about? Well, I would take the advice of a good friend and talk about what I know. So thinking a bit I decided to talk about my love of things geek.

Yes, geek.

I figure if I talk about that and the stuff that relates to it, I have a good chance of keeping with this blog updated. I do tend to get distracted quite easily but I believe that I can suffer though that and get to blogging regularly.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

-Professor Mordarm


2 Responses to “Let the Rambings begin!”

  1. Hi there, just wondered if you would check out my blog and tell me what you think? Maybe publishing my blog on yours and i could do the same for you?

    • I’ll be happy to check out your blog though honestly as I am just starting out, there is not a lot of traffic on my blog at the moment. So I’m not sure you would get many hits from me.

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